Why You Should Rent Mobile Storage in Southern New England

Why You Should Rent Mobile Storage in Southern New England

mobile-storage-southern-new-englandThere are many reasons why homeowners rent temporary residential storage solutions in Southeastern Massachusetts. These mini storage containers are really becoming popular among residential users. Once a storage option primarily for real estate agencies, construction companies and other industries, the storage solutions from Go Mini Southern New England can be found throughout neighborhoods all throughout the region. Just have them delivered to your driveway, the front of your house or even to your side yard if there’s room, then start loading them up at your convenience and call when you are ready to have it taken away.

Top Reasons to Use Mobile Storage Containers
Southern New England mini moving containers are really becoming all the rage. There are many wonderful ways to use them to your advantage. Homeowners have been using these residential storage solutions to keep things that they would normally stow in a basement or attic, but they are finding that these Go Mini containers are much safer and secure.

Made from sturdy steel, these units are weatherproof and designed to keep water out, providing better protection than a leaky basement or drafty attic any day of the week. Renting mobile storage for remodeling, home organization, real estate purposes and even local moves, are also some of the ways that we will explore that homeowners are taking advantage of mini moving containers.

Reason #1 – Residential Moves
For most people, these Southern New England mini moving containers work best for what they were originally designed for: moving. A traditional move involves packing up your things, moving them into a moving truck, driving or hiring a driver to transport your things to the new location, unloading the truck and then unpacking all of the boxes. It is exhausting and overwhelming. The Go Mini way is much easier. Just load up your boxes, furniture and other items into the residential storage container. Once you have it filled, all you need to do is contact Conlon Containers and we will send someone out to pick up the mobile unit. We can then move the unit from Go Mini Southern New England to your new destination or hold it in storage for you until you are ready to move in to your new place.

Reason #2 – College Bound
Another great use of these Southern New England mini moving containers is to store your college student’s furniture, boxes and belongings until they are finished with school. Dorm rooms are cramped for space and, let’s face it, you’ve been wanting to tear down those posters and turn that room into an office, home gym or guest room for years. Our residential storage solutions are a great way to store your college age child’s belongings all semester or until graduation.

Reason #3 – Temporary Moves
This is becoming a huge trend with individuals and families all across the country. A temporary move can be a short-term living situation where a household downgrades into a smaller living situation until a better option can be found. Sometimes it is due to a foreclosure or quick sale of a home, other times it is due to an unexpected job relocation. Whatever the reason, you can store all of the furniture and personal belongings that won’t fit at your new place in our containers from Go Mini Southern New England until you need them again later.

Reason #4 – Actual Storage
Oddly enough, people do still use our residential storage solutions for storage. Short-term, long-term, undetermined lengths of time – whatever your needs for using our mobile storage containers, Conlon Containers can help you stow your stuff until you are ready to use it. In some cases, moving items out of the house for a temporary length of time for a specific purpose, such as mobile storage for remodeling to protect your furniture or in advance of an international move, can really benefit from the use of storage containers. Contractors, decorators, remodeling companies and flooring installers are all taking advantage of mobile storage for remodeling to reduce their liability on the job site.

Reason #5 – Affordability
Compared to some other moving and storage solutions, mobile storage options can be more cost-effective and affordable. Also, when you factor in the cost to rent a truck, pay for gas, pay for insurance and take time off from work to drive to and from your storage or destinations, it really adds up. Get a QUOTE for any of our Conlon Containers and find out how it measures up to your other moving and storage options.

Reason #6 – De-Cluttering
Most people in America have some degree of clutter that they would like to get rid of if only they had the means of doing it. Southern New England mini moving containers are a great way to help clear out your home of the things you no longer need and have them transported to a local charity donation center. You can even use the Go Mini Southern New England to store the things you want to put in storage or keep while you move the things you don’t want to trash bags, boxes or directly to a rented trash bin.

Contact Conlon Containers for GO MINI Mobile Storage
As an authorized Go Mini’s dealer, Conlon Containers can help you achieve your moving and storage goals with our selection of mobile storage containers. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the tools that you need to store or relocate both small and large items. Choose from containers in lengths 12, 16 and 20 foot options. Give us a call at 508-336-4695 to learn more about our mobile storage and moving containers or to get a FREE quote.

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