South Coast Temporary Storage for Real Estate Staging in MA

South Coast Temporary Storage for Real Estate Staging in MA

real-estate-storageAre you selling your home? Studies show that homes sell better if the current homeowner removes a large chunk of their personal belongings and puts it in storage. Think about, when prospective buyers come into your home, they are looking around to picture themselves and their furniture inside the home – they don’t want to see stacks of bills, a sink full of dishes, excess furniture and a mass of kids’ toys. It is also suggested that you remove personal items, such as family photos, unusual artwork and anything else that might not be appealing to the average person who comes into your home.

Hiring a Pro
When you work with a real estate agent to sell your home, you should be gaining the experience of an agent who is well versed in what it takes to get people interested in your property. They should suggest to you residential storage solutions for any items that make a room look smaller, overwhelm or make an area appear cluttered. This is the kind of expertise that you are paying for with the fees that come from selling your home.

Using Go Mini South Coast services through Conlon Containers can help you to achieve your goals and may even help you to get a better price as a result. Working with a team of professionals includes working with South Coast temporary storage containers to ensure that your things are properly protected while they are in storage. Use of quality packing supplies for storage should also be employed to make sure that everything is taken care of while it is out of your home.

What is Staging?
Staging is a real estate term that is used to describe the process of streamlining your home to look more generic and basic so that it will appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. When done properly, staging through the use of residential storage solutions and strategic planning by a real estate professional, can result in maximizing equity in your home, creating what is known as a buyer-ready property and helping to sell your home faster. The longer your home sits on the market, the less chance you have of getting the price for it that you are asking. So it is a good idea to bring in an agent who has experience with staging.

Can I Stage My Own Home?
The answer is simple: yes you can! Some of the biggest experts in real estate staging have shared their insight and tips on how they use South Coast temporary storage and packing supplies for storage to protect their clients’ assets, while helping to enhance the look and feel of their home to help it sell faster and at a better price.

Some of the tips shared by the pros include:

  • clear the clutter – start by removing anything and everything that does not need to be there; put things in the trash, send things out to donate, box up things you aren’t using and just clear it all out
  • take photos – go around your home and take pictures of each room to see what it looks like from a fresh perspective; this can help you see what can stay and what needs to go a lot easier
  • store small things – anything that is smaller than a loaf of bread should be put way and stored, this includes framed photos, books, knickknacks, collectible items and countertop clutter that might not have made the cut the first time around
  • clear all surfaces – this includes bathroom counters, kitchen counters, tables, desks and anything flat; pianos, entertainment centers, room dividers – whatever might detract from the available space
  • upgrade tired bedroom linens – if all of the bedspreads and pillows in your home have seen better days, consider upgrading your linens to create a neater look; this includes kids’ rooms and guest rooms
  • bring in a professional – consider hiring a housecleaning service to come in a do a complete top to bottom clean on your home – light fixtures, ceiling fans, closets, cupboards – the works!

Call Conlon Containers for Residential Storage Solutions
Once you have gone through everything and know what needs to go into storage, contact our Go Mini South Coast services at Conlon Containers. We can provide you with a FREE estimate on any of our storage or packing services, providing you with top quality South Coast temporary storage. We can even move your residential storage solutions container to your new home once your current property sells – that can cut down your move time considerably. Give us a call at 508-336-4695 and boost your home value and selling power today!

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