Construction Storage Solutions in Southeastern Massachusetts

Construction Storage Solutions in Southeastern Massachusetts

construction-storage-south-massThere are many instances in the construction industry where Southeastern Massachusetts portable storage can be beneficial. Remodeling or renovation work at a residential or commercial property can be tricky, especially in a room full of furniture. As a service to their clients, many contractors seek out construction storage solutions, such as the ones at Conlon Containers, to protect their belongings from the dust, dirt and debris that can come from the project. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, putting new flooring into the entire house, making improvements to your retail shop or expanding your corporate offices, it pays to take advantage of mobile storage for remodeling.

Safe, On-Site Storage Solutions
One of the reasons why homeowners and business owners appreciate it when their contractors suggest the use of Go Mini storage in Southeastern Massachusetts is that the mobile storage unit stays on-site. This alleviates any concerns that they might have about important furniture, heirlooms and other assets while they are out of their sight. The container can stay in a driveway, out in front of the home or be taken to a secure facility for storage during the remodeling work.

Keeping the portable storage unit on-site has some real advantages, such as having the ability to access things that they need during construction or to swap out the furniture and other belongings from one room with another if multiple rooms are getting remodeled. Moving the furniture out of the house is beneficial to the construction company, as they no longer have to worry about working around large items, accidentally scratching them or dripping paint onto something irreplaceable.

What is Mobile Storage?
If you have never used a Go Mini storage in Southeastern Massachusetts before you might not know what it is. Construction storage solutions like these are made out of solid steel that is designed to be weatherproof to keep rain, wind and water outside while protecting the things that are stored on the inside. Super sturdy and secure, the homeowner or business owner is the only one with a key to the unit, preventing security concerns about anyone else being able to access the things inside.

You have likely seen mobile storage units being used around other businesses. Conlon Containers provides mobile storage for remodeling and other construction purposes to residential and commercial clients all throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The storage containers that we provide have a superior design over other mobile storage solutions in the South Coast area. They are vented to reduce moisture and humidity for the prevention of mold and mildew, providing comprehensive protection from the elements.

Protecting Furniture During Mobile Storage Use
Whether you are keeping the Go Mini storage in Southeastern Massachusetts on-site during the remodeling project or if you are having Conlon Containers move it to a secure facility in Seekonk, it is important to protect your things when you place them into the storage. Below are some tips that you can use to safeguard your furniture and other things while they are in mobile storage for remodeling.

  • packing supplies and services – take advantage of professional packing supplies from Conlon Containers or use our services that can bring trained packers to come into your home or office to properly secure everything for storage and/or transport
  • employ proper stacking strategies – place heavy boxes and items on the floor and place lighter weight boxes and items on top; this will prevent things from falling over during storage or moving and crushing or causing damage to fragile things
  • load furniture into the back – putting the furniture to the back and sides of the construction storage solutions will help to protect it from damage, while making it easier to load boxes and other lighter items into the mobile storage space without having to work around your heavy furniture pieces

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If you are interested in learning more about renting a Go Mini storage in Southeastern Massachusetts or if you are a contractor who wants to find out how to rent mobile storage for remodeling work, contact Conlon Containers by calling 508-336-4695. Our team of highly trained moving and storage experts can help you find the construction storage solutions you need and have them delivered to your local job site. Call today for a FREE quote on any of our services.

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