Packing Tips

It is important to understand the difference between packing your things for a move and packing your things for use with the Go Mini’s portable storage containers from Conlon Containers. Servicing Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. While many of the methods that you use will be similar to other types of moves and storage opportunities, there are some distinct differences.

To protect your belongings during transportation, it is essential for you to pack your things as though you were making an interstate or cross-country move to ensure that nothing comes loose or shifts.


Basic Packing Tips

Quality packing supplies and tools can really help you to successfully use our Go Mini’s storage containers. Whether you are relocating a home or a business, temporarily storing things during a remodeling project or putting things into long-term storage, you can count on Conlon Containers packing supplies and services to help you get the job done right.

  • For easier handling, limit the weight of your cartons to a maximum of 50 pounds.
  • Make sure to wrap each item carefully, using proper packing supplies.
  • Provide plenty of cushioning materials, such as bubble wrap, tissue paper or packing peanuts, for delicate and fragile items to absorb shock while in transit.
  • Only use cartons that are sturdy and can be closed or sealed for best results.
  • Cartons should be packed firmly to prevent items inside from moving or shifting.
  • Make sure to label your boxes appropriately by room or by describing the contents.


Advanced Packing Tips

The following tips are designed to help our clients safely and securely pack their items for use in our Go Mini’s mobile storage containers. Some tips are designed to simplify the packing and unpacking process, while others are provided to give ideas that can protect fragile or valuable items during transportation. Having the right packing supplies and an understanding on how things can shift during a move will help you to provide better protection for your things.

  • Consider adding a double-layer of wrapping around dishes and other breakable items.
  • Create a two to three-inch layer of crushed paper or padding in the bottom of the carton for extra cushioning.
  • When stacking boxes or placing items inside of a carton, put the heavy items on the bottom, medium weight items in the middle and lighter items on the top.
  • Purchase smaller or specialty cartons and use extra cushioning for small, fragile items.
  • Mark any boxes that you want to open up first when you remove your things from the Go Mini’s portable storage container.
  • Keep all electrical cords and connection wires packed together with your electronics.
  • Do not pack food items, perishable items or dangerous items. Check with Conlon Containers if you have any questions about what can be placed in your mobile storage container.

For more information about Conlon Containers and our Go Mini’s storage containers, packing supplies and loading services options, give us a call at 1-866-804-6464. Our team of mobile storage and moving expert can provide answers to your most important questions.

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