Temporary Storage for Residential Remodeling

Temporary Storage for Residential Remodeling

Temporary Storage for Residential Remodeling

A popular use for storage is Residential Remodeling as a temporary means of safeguarding personal belongings and furniture during a remodel or renovation project. In fact, it has become such as important part of the entire remodeling process, that many contractors are now offering it as part of their services or as an add-on in addition to their contracting services. Mobile storage for remodeling gives homeowners a way to move furniture, personal items, fragile artwork and other assets out of their home while contractors are working on the project.
A brand new kitchen, wood flooring in the living room, complete interior painting, and bathroom upgrades are just a few of the projects our clients are having done.Storage Solutions for Remodeling Projects

Why Move Your Stuff?
Depending on the type of remodel that you are doing, there will be different hazards. Construction work indoors means sawdust, dirt, dust, and debris everywhere, falling on your furniture and ultimately requiring you to get everything vacuumed and cleaned afterward. Painting is a hazard all in itself and putting in new floorings, such as carpeting, wood or ceramic tile, can require everything to be moved so that the work can be completed. In most cases, using South Coast temporary storage during a remodel or renovation is a very positive experience for all.

You have a couple of options available to you. You can move all of your things into mobile storage for remodeling yourself or hire Conlon Containers to take care of everything for you. You Go Mini container storage is really easy to pack up and load. Once you have everything inside, you can decide whether you want the portable storage container to stay on-site at your home or if you want to have it moved somewhere else. Some homeowners like to keep the mobile storage for remodeling on-site so they can retrieve things as they need them or put more things in as the contractors move throughout the house.

Why Use Mobile Storage?
So you might be thinking, why not just take your stuff to a self-storage facility? Why use a Go Mini container storage for this type of project? The downfall of using a self-storage unit is that you have to drive your stuff over to the storage – or rent a truck out if you have a lot of stuff or large items – and unload everything at the facility. If you want something out of the storage during the renovation, you need to drive over to the storage to get it. If you want to add something to the storage during the renovation, you need to drive over there to put it in the unit… you get the picture.

Using mobile storage for remodeling just makes more sense. It saves you money in all that gas you would be wasting and possible moving truck rentals that you would require. It also saves you time, which can be really important when you’re in the middle of a major remodeling project. The Massachusetts portable storage company delivers the storage container to your home. They put it wherever you want it placed, in the driveway, out in the street, on the side of your home – they just need a flat surface and access. You stay in control of the South Coast temporary storage container the entire time – only you have the key.

Other reasons to choose a storage container storage from Conlon Containers include:

  • strong, sturdy and durable construction to stand up to all types of weather
  • secure mobile storage for remodeling that is entirely in your control
  • options to keep the storage after the renovation so you can put things back when you have time
  • ability to use South Coast temporary storage anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut
  • three different sizes of containers to choose from
  • easy to load and unload due to the eight-foot-high ceilings and eight-inch clearance

Call Conlon Containers for Mobile Storage Solutions
If you are interested in learning more about temporary container storage solutions available from Conlon Containers, give us a call at 508-336-4695. Our team can help you choose the best options for portable storage to meet your needs. Whether you require South Coast temporary storage for residential, commercial or industrial needs, give us a call to learn more about our options for mobile storage for remodeling, renovation, moving and more.

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