Making a Commercial Move? Try Connecticut Storage Containers

Making a Commercial Move? Try Connecticut Storage Containers

commercial-moving-solutionsCommercial storage solutions provide a cost-effective and more convenient alternative to traditional moving company services. Not only can you move at your own pace and get some of your business furniture, equipment and property ready ahead of your move, but you can also unload it again at the new location in the same fashion. Business relocation can be very difficult to do because there are so many moving parts. Everything has to be coordinated to reduce the amount of down time during the move and to ensure that the entire business gets moved and settled in within the parameters of the contract.

No More Movers
If you don’t like having to deal with moving companies when it comes to relocating your business or moving into a new commercial location, you can use Go Mini container storage to take care of the details for you. You load it yourself – or have your staff take care of the heavy lifting – and then just call Conlon Containers to move the entire container to your new location. Once there, you can unload the Connecticut storage containers yourself at your own pace. Just call us when you are done and we will pick it up and take it away. Or, let us know if you want to keep the container storage for awhile and we can leave it there until you are ready.

When you plan a commercial move using our Connecticut portable storage solutions, you can skip the whole prospect of renting a truck, hiring movers, using a self-storage facility and hiring packers. While you can still hire our team of professional packers to pack up your entire office for you, you certainly don’t have to. This is a great option for commercial business owners who like to keep everything in-house and don’t want anyone outside the company circle to handle their assets, equipment and company records. When you rent a Go Mini container storage, you put on the lock and only you have the key. No one has access to your storage container unless you give it to them.

Easy to Load, Easy to Unload
Another clear advantage of using containers as commercial storage solutions in a move or relocation is that they are easy to load and unload. Part of this advantage is due to the fact that you can easily walk into one of these Go Mini container storage units without having to step up into a high truck area, walk up a ramp or duck down once you are inside. These are the ideal height for navigating the storage space to put boxes and equipment away or look for what you need and just take it out by itself without having to unload the entire Connecticut portable storage unit.

Portable storage containers are the perfect solution for businesses that want to be able to move at their own pace. Have one delivered to your location and start loading things up months in advance of your move. We will pick it up and move it to the new address when you are ready and will set it up where you wish, according to your specifications. Connecticut storage containers are extremely beneficial to businesses in other ways, beyond moving. In fact, you just might want to hang on to yours for a few weeks or months after your move as you get settled in and find a place for everything at the new location.

Go Mini Container Storage Benefits
As you can see, there are lots of great reasons why businesses count on commercial storage solutions through Conlon Containers for commercial moves in Connecticut and the surrounding area. You can use Go Mini container storage for short-term storage or for long-term on-site storage. You can also schedule to use the Connecticut portable storage container for a specific period of time, have it removed and stored at our location in Seekonk, MA, and then get it back again as you need it to exchange items or complete your move. If you have space at your location, you can even keep these storage containers on-site for as long as you require them for your business.

Contact Conlon Containers for a FREE quote on any of our commercial storage solutions. Choose from the larger shipping container storage through our connection to United Van Lines or the smaller, more compact options available through Go Mini. Both options are designed to protect your furniture, goods and other assets through any kind of weather – even extreme New England storms. Give us a call today at 508-336-4695 to learn more about our storage containers or to schedule a delivery for your next commercial move or relocation.

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