Go Mini Container Storage in Massachusetts Ideas for Business

Go Mini Container Storage in Massachusetts Ideas for Business

mini-container-for-businessA lot of different people use commercial storage solutions in different ways. Take the new trend in storage, the Go Mini Container Storage options available from Conlon Containers. Unlike other types of storage where you were required to go to a storage unit facility to unload and retrieve your belongings, these compact Massachusetts storage containers are delivered to you, at your home or place of business, to be packed up on your schedule. Homeowners are using them for storing seasonal items or to facilitate a move, while commercial business owners are using them to store records, make room for seasonal stock, allow for more space in the office for new employees and much more.

If you are packing things up for awhile, you can even get access to professional packing supplies for storage. Safeguard your assets and make it easier to load and unload them as you need them. Keep your commercial storage unit on-site at your location for easy access throughout the duration of your rental or have us haul it to our warehouse storage in Seekonk, MA to safeguard your things until you are ready for us to bring them back. Choose from two different types of storage, including the popular Go Mini Container Storage or the larger, shipping container style commercial storage solutions, based on the amount of space you require and the type of storage you prefer.

What Type of Businesses Use Container Storage?
Regardless of the type of business you own and operate, chances are you could benefit from using Massachusetts storage containers in some way, shape or form. In fact, just about every type of business in the South Coast area has contacted Conlon Containers to take advantage of our commercial storage solutions. Business offices and retail stores, manufacturing companies and distributors, dot-com companies and event coordinators – you name it, we have likely provided our packing supplies for storage and Go Mini Container Storage solutions for it.

Some of the types of businesses served by commercial storage solutions include:

  • Insurance industry – restoration contractors, fire and flood contractors, insurance adjusters, insurance companies and providers, etc.
  • Educational – schools, private schools, high schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, etc.
  • Event coordinators – wedding planners, parades, music festivals, entertainment event planners, etc.
  • Real Estate industry – home stagers, real estate agents, property developers, property managers, etc.
  • Retail industry – point of purchase displays, commercial retail stores, distribution centers, consumer product stores, etc.
  • Local government – park districts, community recycling programs, local events, law enforcement, traffic and parking control, emergency response, etc.
  • Medical industry – doctor’s offices, medical clinics, hospitals, veterinarians, records keeping offices, laboratory services, etc.
  • Construction – general contractors, flooring installers, home remodeling, commercial remodeling, architects, construction companies, designers and decorators, etc.
  • General business – trade shows, commercial auctions, public auctions, etc.

How are Commercial Storage Solutions Used?
If you own a business or run an organization, government office or medical practice, there are lots of ways that our Massachusetts storage containers can be used. In addition, taking advantage of packing supplies for storage, whether you are using an on-site Go Mini Container Storage or larger commercial storage solutions from Conlon Containers, can really help to protect your assets and making moving into and out of the storage that much easier. Regardless of the type of business or industry you represent, Massachusetts storage containers from Conlon Containers can really benefit you in a number of ways.

Some of the ways that businesses use commercial storage solutions include:

  • organization – decluttering work areas, improve efficiency, make room for new employees or essential stock storage space in-house
  • safety and security – storage for tools, equipments, parts and materials on job sites
  • overflow storage – extra storage for stock, displays and furniture during peak seasons
  • company growth – making space to increase customer base, ability to meet customer needs or to expand consumer product display areas in the building
  • warehousing – storage for items you don’t use currently, but cannot throw away
  • records retention – medical practices, legal offices, real estate agents and other industries are required to retain paper records for a certain amount of time in a safe and secure location to prevent identity theft and to protect clients or patients
  • protection – to protect customer property on construction sites or during a home sale

Contact Conlon Containers for Commercial Storage
If you are in the Massachusetts or Rhode Island area, contact Conlon Containers for all of your commercial storage solutions and packing supplies for storage needs. Our team can help you decide between our large Massachusetts storage containers or the smaller and popular Go Mini Container Storage. Give us a call at 508-336-4695 for a FREE quote on any of our services or to learn more about our Massachusetts storage containers.

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