Storage Containers in Rhode Island

Storage Containers in Rhode Island

moving-storage-containersYou might think that it isn’t possible to have such a thing as a “happy” move, but you can reduce the stress of your household move when you choose to use residential storage solutions. There are a couple of ways that these awesome Go Mini Southern New England storage containers can be used to help take a lot of the burdens off of your move. Once you see how easy it is to use Providence mobile storage for residential moving, you’ll want to use these storage containers in Rhode Island for yourself!

Local, Statewide and Interstate Moves
Where are you moving? Are you staying within the local area right here in Providence? Are you moving to another part of Rhode Island? Maybe you are moving to Massachusetts, Rhode Island or clear across the country? Wherever it is that you are moving, Go Mini Southern New England through Conlon Containers can help. Moving can be a lot of stress and a lot of hassle – especially on moving day. But you can reduce the amount of stress that you have to deal with by packing and loading many of your furniture and boxed items ahead of time into storage containers in Rhode Island.

Choose to load the storage unit and have it shipped to your new location when you are ready. You can also have us hold your residential storage solutions at our warehouse facility until you are ready to move to your new destination. Sold your house, but your new home isn’t ready? We’ll hold on to your storage container at Conlon Containers until the new home is ready for moving in and we’ll bring your Providence mobile storage to the new location. Know you won’t have a lot of time on moving day to finish packing and loading the truck or portable storage unit? Load it up ahead of time and have it ready on moving day or get our team of experienced movers to load it up for you.

Move on Your Schedule
One of the biggest advantages of using storage containers in Rhode Island to facilitate your move is that you can move on your schedule. Start loading up the Go Mini Southern New England portable storage unit as far in advance as you want. We can deliver it to your current location and set it up in a parking space out in front of your home, in the driveway, on the lawn or any other flat, solid surface. Do a little at a time or start loading up furniture, seasonal items, decorations and other things that you don’t really need between now and your move.

You can also unpack and get settled on your own terms as well. Once Conlon Containers drops off your Providence mobile storage, you can take your time unloading. Some clients choose to put things they don’t use often into storage containers in Rhode Island before they move and then still use a regular moving service on moving day. That way, they can unload the main furniture, boxes and belonging’s that they want to get to right away and then take their time with the residential storage solutions that contain holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, tools, equipment and sports items.

Great for Staging
Are you selling your home? Another great benefit of using a Go Mini Southern New England as part of your moving plans is to put bulky items into the storage containers in Rhode Island prior to putting your home on the market. In fact, real estate agents nationwide are using residential storage solutions for this purpose. Clear out all of the clutter, remove the personal items like family photos, knickknacks, and other collectibles, reduce the amount of furniture, and your rooms will look larger to prospective buyers.

Studies show that homeowners who do this “staging” process will not only be able to sell their home quicker, as the potential buyers are able to visualize their own belongings in the home easier without so much personal stuff being in the way, but they also sell for a better price. If you are trying to sell in a competitive or slow market, you will want to take advantage of this pre-move and storage opportunity from Conlon Containers. We will drop the container off at your home and you can work with your agent to place things into the unit that you want to be removed. We can store your container for you and deliver it to your new home after you sell the house and are ready to move.

Call Conlon Containers for Storage Containers in Rhode Island
If you are considering residential storage solutions as part of your moving process, contact Conlon Containers in Seekonk, MA. We provide the popular Go Mini Southern New England and also shipping container size storage containers in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. We can even help you facilitate a move out of the local area, across the country or around the globe. Give us a call today at 508-336-4695 for a free estimate on any of our professional services.

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