South Coast Temporary Storage: Mobile Storage for Remodeling

South Coast Temporary Storage: Mobile Storage for Remodeling

remodeling-storage-solutionsOutside of moving and basic storage purposes, there are lots of other reasons why people use Connecticut portable storage containers. The Go Mini container storage available through Conlon Containers is also used frequently as mobile storage for remodeling. Contractors, designers, real estate agents and homeowners will all rent South Coast temporary storage during a remodeling or renovation project to make things easier for all involved.

Protect Your Belongings
When you do a big home remodel, such as a kitchen or living room remodeling project, you suddenly realize just how much furniture you have. Most contractors will suggest that you remove everything from the room to ensure that your things are protected throughout the project. Dust, dirt, sawdust and other types of residue can end up on your furniture during a remodel and can cause damage.

It is important to protect your things beyond just tossing a drop cloth over top of them when the workers are on-site. Portable storage makes it easy to protect your things without costing you an arm and a leg. Reputable companies, like Conlon Containers, bring the Go Mini container storage to your home, allowing you to put furniture, boxes and anything else that you want protected inside.

You can keep the mobile storage container on-site in a driveway, out in front of your home or on any other flat surface. You can also choose to have the container hauled away to a secure facility until you are ready for it to return. However, many homeowners choose to keep the mobile storage for remodeling on-site so they can conveniently access it whenever they need to or switch out furniture between rooms as the work is completed throughout the house.

Other Reasons to Use Temporary Storage
Beyond specific remodeling projects, such as re-doing the kitchen or upgrading the look of the living room, there are other reasons why homeowners and contractors choose to use South Coast temporary storage. If you are getting the interior of your home painted and want to protect your furniture and valuable things, Connecticut portable storage is a great solution. If you are getting an addition, such as a brand new bathroom, sunroom or bedroom, a Go Mini container storage solution can help you keep furniture from adjacent rooms safe.

Mobile storage for remodeling and renovation, which is available anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut through Conlon Containers, can help to keep your things safe, no matter what type of work is being done. If you are getting plumbing, electrical or HVAC duct work done, a portable storage solution can give you a huge advantage. Containers that are delivered to your home can give you the safety, security and convenience options that you need to help make getting all of this work done a little more bearable.

What to Expect
When you rent mobile storage for remodeling from Conlon Containers, you can expect top quality Go Mini container storage products and professional customer service from our team of highly trained and experienced service providers. We will deliver your South Coast temporary storage to your home and can even provide you with all of the packing supplies and moving tools that you need to get the job done right. We can pick up the Connecticut portable storage as soon as you are done with it or we can even move your things to our secure facility for storage until you are ready to have us return it to your site.

All of our Go Mini container storage units are made from sturdy steel and they come in three sizes: 12 foot, 16 foot and 20 foot options. All of our mobile storage for remodeling containers are 8 feet in height and have an 8-inch clearance to help keep your things up and off the ground. Our steel containers are galvanized with a factory applied coating to prevent moisture build-up due to humidity and external weather, making them a great choice for homeowners in the northeastern states year-round. Make sure to ask about all of the extra options available to help facilitate your move or storage experience.

Call Conlon Containers for a FREE ESTIMATE
If you are interested in learning more about our Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut portable storage solutions, give us a call at 1-866-804-6464. We can provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for our services and give you prices for all of our packing materials and other options. Call today to find out more about South Coast temporary storage and how you can put our Go Mini container storage units to work for you!

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