Residential Solutions: Mini Massachusetts Storage Containers

Residential Solutions: Mini Massachusetts Storage Containers

storage-container-advantagesOne of the most popular trends in residential storage solutions is the portable storage container. Renting Massachusetts storage containers for your next move, temporary storage during a remodel or renovation, or to stow seasonal storage for decorative items and equipment, can be a great way to keep everything organized and under control. Portable storage in Seekonk, MA through Conlon Containers, has many benefits compared to other types of storage and moving solutions. As a result, many residential customers in the South Coast area rely on our Go Mini’s mobile storage containers over more traditional storage options.

The Advantages of Portable Storage
When it comes to choosing which residential storage solutions will work best for you and your situation, our line of Massachusetts storage containers really stands out from the crowd. We provide a full array of tools and options that can be used to help make moving your belongings even easier, including tie downs, moving blankets and packing supplies for storage. When you work with Conlon Containers, you can rest assured that you are getting top quality portable storage containers and professional customer service.

Some of the other advantages associated with using mobile storage containers include:

  • Secure Access – You are the only one that will have access to your portable storage in Seekonk, MA or the surrounding area. We deliver the storage container to your location, you pack it, you secure it with the lock and only you will have access to the things inside.
  • Time Management – Schedule delivery of one of our Connecticut, Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts storage containers according to your schedule. You can keep the mobile container for as long as you need to pack and move your things. When you are ready for us to pick it up and move it to a new location – or just remove it when you are done using the space – just call our team and we will take care of the rest. We move according to your schedule, not the other way around.
  • Strength & Security – The materials used to make our residential storage solutions far exceed the industry standard. Sturdy steel construction with a welded frame and strong, secure steel siding is unique to the Go Mini’s storage containers. Choose from locking roll-up doors or swing doors to further protect your items while in storage.
  • Smart Solutions – Our storage containers also feature smart solutions, such as venting designed to prevent moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew, as well as pressure treated and sealed floors to provide further moisture resistance. We added a galvanized steel exterior that is coated with a factory baked paint to prevent condensation. Other extras include sturdy railings for tie downs and translucent roofing for natural light.

Reasons for Using Residential Storage Solutions
There are many reasons why our residential clients use portable storage. Some use it during a move to have all of their things transported and delivered to the new location. Others use it as a temporary storage solution during a move to help get some things packed up early and make the actual moving day a lot easier. Some will use our Massachusetts storage containers to put extra furniture away when they are selling their home to help remove some of the clutter and make the rooms look much more spacious. Still, there are others who utilize portable storage in Seekonk and the surrounding area to store holiday decorations and other seasonal items that they don’t use year-round.

Another way that residential clients use mobile storage containers is to store things while they are out of the area or country on business. Rather than moving all of their things with them overseas or to another state, they simply rent a corporate apartment that is fully furnished and then store their personal belongings until they return. This can be a great way to save money on costly moving expenses for a temporary change in location. College students will also often use residential storage solutions like the Go Mini’s storage containers to keep things they don’t have room for in the dorms.

Contact Conlon Containers for Mobile Storage
If you are interested in learning more about our Go Mini’s mobile storage containers available at Conlon Containers, of if you would like to get a FREE ESTIMATE on any of our residential storage solutions or packing supplies for storage, please give us a call at 1-866-804-6464. Our team can help you choose the best portable storage in Seekonk to meet your needs. Our Massachusetts storage containers are strong, sturdy and easy to use.

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