Residential Storage Solutions for Downsizing in Seekonk, MA

Residential Storage Solutions for Downsizing in Seekonk, MA

Downsizing and OrganizingThere are a lot of reasons why homeowners use portable storage in Seekonk. It is often used as a new idea in residential moving, but it is still regularly used for residential storage solutions. Storage can be needed on a temporary or semi-permanent basis, depending on your situation. One of the ways that it is frequently used is as mobile storage for downsizing.

In the business world, the word “downsizing” is a bad thing. In the home, it can be a very good thing. The term is used to describe a home that is cutting back on all of the physical items inside the house, either to make room for something else, such as a new family member or roommate, or as a means of simplifying life inside of the household with less clutter.

Professional Organizers Recommend Portable Storage
There are a lot of people who work in the organization industry who firmly believe in the power of mobile storage for downsizing. Portable storage containers can be used to hold items while the home is being organized, either on a temporary basis or just as the homeowner moves throughout the house room by room, getting rid of useless or unneeded things, and then returning the items to keep back into the home. The idea is to reduce the clutter. If you have collectible items that you don’t want to display, family heirlooms that you want to keep but don’t have room for in your home, or too much furniture and not enough space, portable storage in Seekonk could be the answer.

Conlon Containers is an authorized agent for Go Mini’s portable storage. We also have packing supplies for storage and extra services, such as professional packing and loading. However, for most home situations that are using mobile storage for downsizing, the homeowner uses the storage themselves without adding any extra professional services. One of the best benefits of using residential storage solutions is that you can use the extra storage space according to your needs and at your own space. Portable storage can be rented on a monthly basis, giving you plenty of time to downsize and organize your home without feeling rushed.

Dispelling the Hoarding Myth
Not all homeowners who are in need of organization or that have a lot of things to store are hoarders. Hoarding is a psychological condition that requires therapy and professional help. The average person just tends to hold on to too much stuff because they are either too busy to sort through it until they get the help of a professional organizer, or because they don’t have any place to store their things while they go through all of their personal belongings. Residential storage solutions can give Massachusetts homeowners the tools they need to get control of their things.

Things That Get Stored
In some cases, you will find that your portable storage in Seekonk can turn into a semi-permanent storage situation. Conlon Containers can also store your belongings for you at our secure warehouse facility right here in Massachusetts. We can pick up the mobile storage for downsizing at your home and keep it until you are ready to have it returned. When you are ready, we can deliver the container storage to your home or to another type of storage facility according to your wishes.

Some of the things that get stored for longer periods of time can include:

  • outgrown children’s clothing
  • personal documents and files
  • extra furniture and appliances
  • items from a grown child’s room that has moved away
  • fitness equipment that isn’t being used
  • collectibles, antiques and family heirlooms
  • holiday decorations, family photos and home movies

Using Storage to Reduce Stress
Believe it or not, having a lot of clutter around your home can actually increase stress. Some of the things that are out on top of counters, tables and shelves really do need to be there, but many of those things do not. Think about the last time you used the particular item and when you see yourself using it again. Items can be stored inside boxes, special packing supplies for storage, and marked clearly for retrieval when they are needed again. Some items can be stored inside closets and storage areas at home, areas that were formerly filled to the brim with items that are wanted, but not currently needed. Moving those items out of the way can make room for more organized storage of things that will be used, just not on an every day basis.

Call Conlon Containers for Organizational Storage Solutions
If you are interested in learning more about how our solutions for portable storage in Seekonk can help you to get your home organized and under control, give us a call toll-free at 1-866-804-6464 and ask for a FREE estimate on any of our services. Check out how our mobile storage for downsizing, packing supplies for storage, and other residential storage solutions can help you get your belongings, clutter and life under control.

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