Primary Uses for Portable Commercial Storage in Rhode Island

Primary Uses for Portable Commercial Storage in Rhode Island

Business Storage SolutionsThere are a lot of reasons why businesses use commercial storage solutions. Some use them on a temporary basis, while others use them for longer-term purposes. Whatever your reasons for needing Providence mobile storage, make sure to choose a quality service like Conlon Containers. In addition to providing commercial clients with Rhode Island storage solutions, we also offer packing supplies for storage, packing services and loading services, depending on your specific needs.

Portable storage can be an ideal storage solution for many different types of businesses who are looking for a cost-effective and safe method for storing important equipment, furniture, files or merchandise. When you run a commercial business, it seems like there is never enough room to keep all of your assets and storage space is always at a premium. Our storage solutions help growing businesses find new ways to protect their important belongings without sacrificing essential space at their store, warehouse or office building.

One of the most popular uses for Providence mobile storage is overflow storage for retail businesses. Some businesses tend to have more stock during the holidays or between seasons when consumer interests and trends are changing. Free up more space at your retail store with one of our commercial storage solutions. You can store our mobile storage on-site at your location or we can take it to our secure warehouse facility and bring it back when you need it.

Rhode Island storage solutions for retail businesses are great for:

  • holiday sales
  • seasonal decorations
  • seasonal displays
  • overstock items
  • expansion or downsizing

Another popular use for our commercial storage solutions and packing supplies for storage is in the office setting. Offices will often need to free up valuable space and keep customer or client files and paperwork, excess furniture, office supplies and other items in our Providence mobile storage containers on a temporary or long-term basis. Rather than move to a larger location, the cost for using Rhode Island storage solutions is often much more affordable, helping the business to grow without increasing its overhead too much, too fast.

Portable storage units for office storage situations are excellent for:

  • office furniture
  • computers and workstations
  • outdated equipment
  • office supplies
  • company files

Sometimes businesses need to move to a new location – either for company growth or for downsizing purposes. Moving to a new location can be a frustrating experience. There is a lot of work that must be done, both in the planning of the move, the actual moving of the office and all of the important assets, and the logistics of shutting down one location and opening up another almost simultaneously. Commercial storage solutions can be a great way to achieve all of your relocation goals. Our mobile Rhode Island storage solutions can be dropped off at your location to help facilitate your move and can be picked up when you are ready.

Ways that Providence mobile storage is used for relocations include:

  • allowing non-essential items to be packed and moved out of the way
  • providing a means to load entire offices as they are emptied and allow them to be moved to the new location ahead of all the essential furniture and equipment
  • helps companies to move file cabinets and other important company data safely
  • gives businesses more control over the move, allowing them to move at their own pace without having it all done in one day

If you are doing major repairs to your commercial space or if you are remodeling your business to modernize it or help boost your brand, commercial storage solutions and packing supplies for storage can give you a huge advantage. Furniture, desks, computers, office supplies, retail stock, cash registers, customer files and receipts, sensitive equipment and other items can all be stowed safely inside of our Rhode Island storage solutions. Being able to move everything out of the space can help expedite the work being done so you can get back to work.

Other items that can be stored in our mobile storage containers include:

  • store displays
  • seasonal decorations
  • employee breakroom furniture and appliances
  • manager’s office furniture and file cabinets
  • excess stock items

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