Residential Storage Ideas for Massachusetts College Students

Residential Storage Ideas for Massachusetts College Students

College Student Storage SolutionsIt’s never too early to start planning for changes that are happening in your life. If your high school senior is busy making plans to go to college, you need to start making plans for all of their belongings, furniture and clothing that they won’t be able to take with them. Making choices about what to take and what to leave can be difficult, especially if your child is moving to a completely different part of the country where the weather patterns are different from what they are at home.

Go Mini Southern New England has some pretty amazing residential storage solutions that are perfect for soon-to-be college students. Deciding to put your child’s things into storage that they won’t be using can help you to do remodeling, renovation or re-purposing of their bedroom when they move out. If your child plans on making a more permanent move to the college campus or to an apartment or house near the campus, they may want their things shipped to them anyway. Massachusetts storage containers give you the flexibility to change plans mid-way through.

Using Go Mini Storage to Your Advantage
There are many benefits to choosing Go Mini Southern New England container storage for your child’s college storage needs. Putting furniture and other belongings into a traditional self-storage means a lot of extra work. First you pack everything up, load it into a moving truck or personal vehicle, transport it to the storage facility, unload everything and store it away. When you want it moved out of storage back home or to another location, you have to do everything all over again. You will reduce the amount of time, cost, stress and physical labor typically spent on using a self-storage unit to temporarily store your things.

Just about anything can be stored in your Massachusetts storage containers. Some examples of residential storage solutions or mobile storage for remodeling and what can be stored inside of these portable Go Mini Southern New England units includes:

  • furniture
  • books
  • clothing
  • collectible items
  • seasonal items
  • special/memory items
  • recreational or sporting gear

Dorm room space is limited, so it is impossible to send everything with your student to college. However, it is possible to use the mobile storage for remodeling or temporarily store their belongings so you can use the space. Go Mini Southern New England residential storage solutions also protects your belongings from dust, dirt and debris, as well as dents and dings, weather conditions, theft and even vandalism. Corporate clients rely on these Massachusetts storage containers in lots of different ways, so it pays to use them for personal reasons too.

How Does It Work?
When you contact Conlon Containers to find out about renting one of our mobile residential storage solutions, one of our team members will work with you to find out just how much space you will need. Our containers come in three lengths, including 12 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet. Each container is eight feet high and eight feet wide, giving you lots of great space to store all of your belongings. Each unit has good ground clearance for water safety, easy loading and an all-around safer storage experience.

Our Massachusetts storage containers are made with a superior design, which gives them a distinct advantage over other mobile storage for remodeling and moving in the New England area. All of our Go Mini Southern New England containers are vented to help reduce the amount of humidity and moisture that can build-up, plus we also pressure treat and seal all of the flooring to make the surface moisture-resistant. Each container features a galvanized steel exterior that is then coated with factory baked paint to prevent a build-up of condensation.

Other features of our Go Mini Southern New England containers include:

  • sturdy steel construction
  • strong, secure steel siding
  • locking roll-up or swing doors
  • translucent side windows and roofing for natural light
  • sturdy railings for tie downs or clothing

Contact Conlon Containers to get a FREE estimate for one of our top quality Massachusetts storage containers. We offer great pricing and professional products and residential storage solutions that are head and shoulders above the competition. Give us a call today at 1-866-804-6464 to learn more about all of our services or to get a quote on our mobile storage for remodeling or other short-term and long-term uses.

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