Connecticut Portable Storage Containers for Interstate Moves

Connecticut Portable Storage Containers for Interstate Moves

Portable Storage and Moving SolutionsGood packing techniques are key to getting your things moved from point A to point B with as little disruption as possible. When you know what you are doing and have the right type of packing supplies for storage or moving, then you will be able to protect your belongings and have a disaster-free move. More and more homeowners are using container storage in Connecticut to make in-state and out-of-state moves. The longer the move, the more chances that boxes could tip over and items could get broken if you don’t know how to pack them right. Take a look at some of the tips in this article from your local South Coast temporary storage professionals at Conlon Containers. If you use these tips when planning your next residential move with our Connecticut portable storage containers, you won’t have to worry about getting to your new home to find broken things.

Wrap Your Valuables – If you have items that are breakable, such as kitchen dishes or ceramic statues, make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap, moving blankets or packing paper before placing them into a box with some packing peanuts or other cushioning to make sure they stay safe.

Keep Everything Level – Another thing that many amateur movers forget is that everything should be packed evenly in the box to prevent shifting. Use your packing supplies for storage to your advantage and make sure that is loose or moving around inside of the box.

Consider the Weight – No packing box should be loaded past 50 pounds. While some may state on the box that they can be loaded to a heavier weight, for ease of loading, moving and unloading, you should try to keep each box that you will put into container storage in Connecticut at a size that you can easily lift. Approximately 50 pounds is the recommended weight to prevent back strain from repetitive loading and unloading that happens during a move.

Use Specialty Boxes – Did you know that they actually make a special “dish pack” box that is designed for your kitchen dishes or your grandmother’s good china? They even make special boxes for wardrobe that allow you to hang your clothes inside so they will be ready to hang back up at the new place. There are specialty boxes designed for flat panel TVs, electronics and other important, yet breakable, objects. Ask your Connecticut portable storage team if they sell specialty boxes or if they know where you can find unique options for odd-shaped or fragile items.

Load Up Together – As you pack a room, try to keep all of the items in that one box from that room. Then you can label the box as “kitchen,” “living room,” or “master bedroom” and then just drop that box into the correct room at the new place. This will prevent you from having to run all over the new place with items from a box, making it easier for unloading and getting settled in to your new home.

Make a Checklist – Before you start packing, make a list of things that need to be packed in the order you want them to be packed for South Coast temporary storage. Put away off-season items first, such as winter coats in summer or summer clothing in winter. Go ahead and put away seasonal holiday decorations as well, as you won’t be using them between now and your move. Also think about making a list of items you want packed last or in a special box that you can pack last and unload first at the new place.

Stack by Weight – When you start loading boxes into your container storage in Connecticut, make sure to stack them according to weight. Even though we tried to stick with a 50 pound maximum, there will be some boxes that are well under that weight. Heavy boxes if unbreakable items should go on the bottom and then the weight should get lighter as you get to the top of the storage container. Another trick is to stack boxes of the same size and then wrap them with plastic packing supplies for storage so they won’t tip over when the container gets moved.

Use Your Furniture – Take advantage of your furniture and use it to add some extra protection to your boxes. An old moving trick is to place furniture and appliances around the outside of the container. Move extra furniture or furniture you won’t need between now and your move into the back of the container and start stacking your boxes in front of and around it, leaving room on the sides of the Connecticut portable storage container for other furniture to be loaded later.

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