Packing Tips for Mobile Storage, Massachusetts

Packing Tips for Mobile Storage, Massachusetts

Packing Tips for Storage ContainersPacking Tips for Mobile Storage

It can be a challenge to try and pack up your entire home in a hurry when you are planning a move. It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally or to another state, everything still needs to get sorted, packed and moved. One way to take a little bit of the pressure off is to take advantage of residential storage solutions, such as storage containers in Rhode Island. A lot of homeowners are using Conlon Containers as an innovative moving solution that allows them to pack and load their belongings on their term, according to their schedule.

Are Containers are Different from Moving Trucks?
If you think about it, using temporary storage containers for your move isn’t much different than packing up boxes and loading up a moving truck. However, it pays to know some insider tips on how to protect your belongings when packing them into storage containers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. You need to make sure that you use the right packing supplies for storage and that you know how to effectively and efficiently pack everything to make loading, unloading, and unpacking go a lot easier.

The real difference is in how residential storage solutions work. Conlon Containers delivers the storage unit to your home so you can pack and load it at your leisure. When you are ready to move, just give us a call and we will move it to your new location. Then you can unload everything according to your schedule, giving you time to set up your new home. If you were to have done this with a traditional moving truck, you would have to rush just to get everything inside before returning the moving truck.

What Tools Do You Need?
When it comes to packing up and moving your stuff, you will always need the same type of tools to get the job done right. You can get your packing supplies for storage from Conlon Containers and you can also get some of the supplies listed here as well. You can even get packing and loading services through a third-party program that is offered on our website. Make sure to ask one of our agents when you call to inquire about renting storage containers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut for your residential move.

The tools that you should have to make your move even easier include:

  • a refrigerator dolly
  • loading straps
  • furniture pads
  • packing paper
  • paper pads
  • moving blankets
  • stretch wrap
  • boxes, packing tape, and a permanent marker
  • scissors, screwdriver and an Allen wrench

What are Proper Packing Procedures?
The goal of using these packing supplies for storage is to protect your belongings the best that you can. Residential storage solutions will provide protection from the elements, but remember that the storage containers in Rhode Island will be moved via truck, so they need to be securely packed and placed for the trip. Use the stretch wrap to protect your furniture from any damage, dust, dirt or debris. Use the furniture and paper pads to wrap up items that might cause damage to other pieces or that might become scratched or damaged by pieces that they will be loaded next to inside the storage container.

Make sure to load the heavy items on the bottom and place lighter items on top. Try to use packing supplies for storage strategically to make sure that each box is packed completely to avoid shifting and moving during transport in the Go Mini Southern New England container. Load heavy items, such as appliances and furniture, in first. Then you can place boxes and other items on top of and next to the bigger pieces to make sure that the entire space is filled. This will help you to maximize your space. If possible, pack your things from floor to ceiling and consider using stretch wrap to keep the stack together so it won’t fall over inside the residential storage solutions.

Call Conlon Containers for Storage Options
If you are interested in learning more about how to use storage containers in Rhode Island to your advantage, give us a call at 508-336-4695. Our customer service agents can answer any questions that you might have about our residential storage solutions. Find out how our Go Mini Southern New England equipment can be used to help facilitate your move, whether you are just moving locally, to another city or to another state. Call today for a FREE estimate of our storage containers and packing supplies for storage.

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