Moving in Massachusetts Using Portable Storage Containers

Moving in Massachusetts Using Portable Storage Containers

Moving Containers for Residential MovesMassachusetts Portable Storage Containers

Have you ever wished that you could make your residential move easier? One of the latest trends to sweep the nation is the use of residential storage solutions as moving tools. Massachusetts storage containers can be loaded up according to your schedule and then picked up by the company to be moved to your new location. Once there, you can start unpacking again at your own pace. Then just call Conlon Containers to pick up your portable storage in Massachusetts or anywhere else in the surrounding area when you are done.

Why Choose Mobile Storage Units?
You might be wondering what the difference is between using these storage containers and loading up a regular moving truck or van? Many people are now using these residential storage solutions in a number of different ways, as means for moving across town, to a new city or even to a new state, as a temporary storage solution, and as a way to find more room for seasonal items or personal items that don’t get used very often. There are several advantages associated with using portable storage in Seekonk, and here are few examples:

  • easy to use – instead of having to climb up into a moving truck or use a ramp to move your belongings into the moving van, Conlon Containers are low to the ground and very easy to load, saving you time and stress on your body
  • useful anywhere – whether you live in a house or an apartment, a condo or a homeowners association, you can use these residential storage solutions just about anywhere, including a driveway, in front of your home, in a side yard or in the backyard
  • you load it, you lock it – no one else will be handling your personal property, as you will be loading the Massachusetts storage containers yourself and you will be the one to lock the unit so no one else has access
  • strong and durable – this type of portable storage in Seekonk is meant to stand up to the harshest weather conditions, keeping your stuff safe and protected year-round no matter where you need to keep it
  • move on your terms – take your time loading up the storage container and just call Conlon Containers when you are ready to have it moved, no waiting around for movers or rushing to get a moving truck back before a deadline
  • no driving an over-sized truck – if you don’t feel comfortable driving a big moving truck around Southern New England for your move, you aren’t alone; these residential storage solutions allow you to pack it and have someone else do the driving

What Should You Expect?
When you rent Massachusetts storage containers through Conlon Containers, you can expect to have your choice of three different sized containers for portable storage in Seekonk and the surrounding area. Choose from twelve-foot, sixteen-foot and twenty-foot options. Each container is eight feet high and eight feet wide and has an eight-inch ground clearance for easy loading and moving around inside the unit.

Not all residential storage solutions are created equal. Conlon Containers are made from durable, sturdy steel construction and have a welded frame. We also use secure steel siding, instead of wooden storage unit siding like many of our competitors use. This helps to keep your belongings protected while inside of these containers, safe from rain, wind, snow, ice, moisture and the UV rays from the sun. Our units are vented to reduce moisture and humidity to prevent mildew and mold from forming. The floors of our storage containers are pressure treated and sealed to make them resistant to moisture.

Conlon Containers also features roll-up or swing doors, depending on your needs, to make it easier to load and unload. These doors also help to protect all of your belongings while they are inside of Massachusetts storage containers. Translucent side windows or roofing is used to help allow natural light inside of the unit for easier storage. We also provide sturdy railings on the side walls, which can be used to hang clothes or tie down furniture and other storage items.

Call Conlon Containers for Mobile Moving
If you are interested in learning more about how to use portable storage in Seekonk to help plan your move or if you are in need of temporary or semi-permanent residential storage solutions, contact Conlon Containers at 508-336-4695. Our team can help you find the best Massachusetts storage containers to suit your needs at our Conlon Containers location.

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