South Coast Temporary Storage: Portable Storage in Seekonk

South Coast Temporary Storage: Portable Storage in Seekonk

portable-storage-seekonkA lot of people see the Go Mini Southern New England storage containers and think that they are just for home users. The truth is, this type of mobile storage is great for residential, commercial, municipal and just about any type of situation you could think of that requires a temporary storage solution. Portable storage in Seekonk and the surrounding area is available in a variety of different sizes, all designed to meet your unique needs and space requirements. Whether you need mobile storage for remodeling or just a temporary storage solution to take care of clutter and organization at your office, Conlon Containers has an option that will be right for you.

Portable Storage vs. Traditional Storage
Most people are used to the traditional storage solution, which is to take your things to a storage facility where your things are kept until you need them. There is also warehouse storage, which can be used to keep things inside of crates at an indoor facility, to protect them from the elements while they are being stored. In recent years, more and more people have become aware of the options available in South Coast temporary storage, such as shipping containers used as storage and, of course, our very own Go Mini Southern New England.

Go Mini containers can be found all over the South Coast area, both in residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. They are even used in industrial, municipal and medical facilities for many different reasons. They are popular because they are easy to use, easy to load and affordable for most budgets. This type of portable storage in Seekonk can remain on-site for easy access, be transported to a storage location for longer storage or moved with your things in it to a new location as part of a moving strategy. There are a lot of options available to residential and commercial clients with Go Mini Southern New England.

Reasons to Choose Portable Storage in Seekonk
If you are looking for a storage solution that will either be temporary or on a short-term basis, you will want to consider Conlon Containers and our options available for South Coast temporary storage. Whether you need mobile storage for remodeling, during a move, to hold overflow stock or for any other reason, you can trust the portable storage options available via our Go Mini Southern New England location.

Some of the reasons why our clients prefer portable storage over traditional include:

  • Convenience – This type of storage situation is more convenient for many reasons. You can keep the storage unit on-site at your home, office or business property so you can access as you need it throughout the duration of use. This is the number one reason why mobile storage for remodeling is so popular. It allows the homeowner to access their belongings while the contractor remodels the kitchen, completes an addition or does a renovation to their home.
  • Security – When you rent South Coast temporary storage from Conlon Containers, you are the only one who has access to the storage unit. The way that Go Mini Southern New England works is that the unit is secured with your lock so you can determine who has the key. You can give access to your contractor or only share a key with your spouse, either way you have total control over who gets in and what gets out.
  • Easy to Use – Our portable storage in Seekonk is at ground level. There is a slight rise to keep the storage unit off of the ground in case of rain, flooding or other inclement weather, but it is low to the ground to make it easy to load and unload. The doors open wide, making it simple to load in big pieces of furniture, file cabinets and even specialty equipment for storage.
  • Versatile – You can literally store just about anything in these Go Mini storage units. Files, overstock inventory, boxes of personal items, furniture, appliances, office equipment, computers – the sky is the limit. You can also load the unit at your own pace, putting a few things in at a time and removing things when you need to make more space. This is a great benefit in mobile storage for remodeling, allowing entire rooms of furniture to be stored, removed and then store other rooms as the contractor moves through your home with renovations.
  • Water & Weatherproof – Safeguard your important documents, furniture and equipment against anything the New England weather can throw at you. This includes extreme cold and heat, hurricanes, blizzards, rain storms and even the dreaded Nor’easter. Container storage is designed to safeguard property while out on a ship crossing the ocean. They are built to withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them without missing a beat.

Reserve Mobile Storage at Conlon Containers
If you are in need of portable storage in Seekonk, Massachusetts or the surrounding South Coast area, contact Conlon Containers. Our team can get you set up with one of our Go Mini Southern New England units or a larger shipping container storage. Use our units as mobile storage for remodeling, business organization, moving and much more. Call today for a FREE quote on our South Coast temporary storage at 508-336-4695.

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