Preparing for a Temporary Residential Move in Massachusetts

Preparing for a Temporary Residential Move in Massachusetts

Temporary Moving SolutionsThere are a lot of reasons why people need to rent temporary storage in Massachusetts. One of the biggest reasons is that they are making a temporary move. There are a few reasons why you might use mobile container storage for a temporary move, such as relocating for work on a short-term basis, going away to college for education or the military for training, helping a family member who requires care, or even just using portable storage in Seekonk to stow some of your belongings while trying to sell your home. There really are a lot of reasons why people use Massachusetts container storage solutions to temporarily store their belongings.

Everything or Just Some Things?
The question of whether you will be using a mobile container storage unit to store all of your things or just some things can be answered by the type of temporary move that you are making. Will you be gone a couple of months or much longer than that? Will you be coming back to the same location when your temporary move is over or will you be moving to a new place? Are you going overseas, out of the country or just out of the state? Once you identify why you are moving, how long you will be gone, and what you will be doing while you are gone, you will be able to determine what goes where.

  • Work Move – If your company is sending you to a new region to help open up a new store or to take care of problems are another location, find out how long they plan on you being there. You might live out of a hotel or in a corporate furnished apartment, so you will only need the bare essentials. If you will be staying longer than just a couple of months, you might want to put most of your things into temporary storage in Massachusetts, but move the things that you know you will miss most with you. Of course what you bring and how much will depend if you are relocating on your own or with a spouse or family.
  • College or Military – Temporary moves that are guaranteed to last less than a year, such as going to school or off to military training, can really benefit from portable storage in Seekonk. In fact, if you decide to stay at your new location, you can have your mobile container storage shipped to your new location for a more permanent solution. Instead of having to go home for a weekend and frantically load up all your stuff from self-storage or beg family members to load it into a truck for you, you can just get the mobile container storage company to take the container out of their storage in Seekonk, MA and send it to wherever you are.
  • Real Estate – If you are selling your home, you might use Massachusetts container storage solutions to store your excess storage items, seasonal decorations and clothing, old toys and belongings of your children and extra furniture that makes the house look cluttered. This is an old real estate agent trick called “staging,” which makes your home appear larger and make it more “generic,” so the prospective buyers will be able to picture their things inside your home instead of being bombarded with all of your personal things and clutter when they view the property. Once you sell the home, just have the temporary storage in Massachusetts moved to your new location along with the rest of your belongings.
  • Remodeling – Another use for portable storage in Seekonk is to use the container to stow all of the furniture from the room or rooms that you are remodeling. This protects your things from the dust, sawdust, dirt and debris that comes with doing a remodeling project and by keeping the mobile container storage on-site, you can remove items again as you need them or exchange them out with a whole new room of furniture if you are remodeling multiple areas of your home.

Deciding What to Bring
When you make a temporary move, you will need to consider what you should bring with you. Think about the area that you are going to – will you need seasonal coats and gear while you are there? A move to the southwestern region might mean that you won’t need your winter coat in January, but then again if you are going skiing or will take a day trip up into the mountains, you might want to bring something with you anyway. If you are renting a temporary place, find out if you will need bed linens, towels and other necessities, or if those will be provided for you. They may seem like little things, but when you arrive at your temporary home, it will be nice to have them instead of knowing that they are in a temporary storage in Massachusetts instead. Make a list as you plan your move to keep track of what you need and what you don’t.

Call Conlon Containers for Temporary Storage
If you are in need of temporary storage in Massachusetts or the surrounding Southern New England area, look no further than Conlon Containers. Our mobile container storage solutions can help you with portable storage in Seekonk for a temporary relocation. Whether you need our storage for a matter or weeks, months or even years, our Massachusetts container storage solutions might be just the thing you need to facilitate your temporary move. Give us a call at 1-866-804-6464 to get a FREE estimate on the cost for using our mobile container storage and make sure to ask about our packing supplies kits.

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