Home Staging Tips: How Connecticut Portable Storage Can Help

Home Staging Tips: How Connecticut Portable Storage Can Help

Real Estate Staging StorageA long time secret of successful real estate agents is now out and public knowledge. The use of mobile storage for real estate to stow excess furniture, clutter and other personal items, actually helps to sell homes faster and get a better price. Part of the reason for this success is due to making the space look larger by removing all of the extra belongings, but the other reason is that when a home is neat and decorated minimally, it is easier for prospective buyers to imagine their own things in the home.

Whatever the cause, the result is worth the investment in South Coast temporary storage when you are selling your home. There are lots of other great tips that can help you realize what things should stay, and what things should go. Take a look at our home staging tips and see how a Go Mini container storage solution could help you sell your home. Just follow the simple, easy to follow steps below and you will be on your way to selling your home at the best possible price.

Step One – Clear Out the Clutter
Go around your home one room at a time with a basket and just pick up the clutter. Opened or unopened mail, sale ads, old newspapers, discarded magazines – just pick it all up. Once you have everything gathered, go through it and sort it by things that can be thrown out, things that can be put away where they belong, things that can be donated and things that you want to put in storage.

Step Two – Take Photos
The next phase is to go throughout your home a take photos of each room. Get shots of the room at a wide angle, the way you would see it if you were touring your home as a prospective buyer, but also from every angle so you can see all the junk on the shelves and things stacked on the couch.

Some of the things that you will want to put in mobile storage for real estate can include:

  • excess decor items
  • extra or bulky furniture
  • personal items
  • family photos

When you look at a room from this angle, you can often see things that you might otherwise have missed. The goal is to sell the home – not your stuff, or your decor, or your style. You need to remove all of that as much as possible so the prospective buyers can focus on the details of your home, the brand new flooring, the solid wood kitchen cabinets, the coordinating appliances, the beautiful countertops – that all needs to be showcased without your personal embellishments.

Step Three – Small Items
Another real estate agent trick is to remove all of the small things from your line of vision. The standard is anything smaller than a cantaloupe. That means anything under about seven inches in height and width needs to go. Small knickknacks, picture frames, candles and other items should all be removed from the home and put into your Connecticut portable storage container. What you will be left with are clean spaces, clean shelving, clean tables and larger decorative items that will draw the eye to those architectural spaces.

BONUS TIP – Another benefit to putting all of these items that you are clearing into boxes and then into your South Coast temporary storage containers is that you are getting a head start on moving. Put items into boxes and label them according to the rooms that you are taking them from, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, etc. Place them into your Go Mini container storage and then you will be one step closer to being ready to move as soon as you sell your home.

Step Four – Eliminate Kitchen Decor
One of the most important rooms of your home is the kitchen. Homes are sold more often because of the way that the kitchen looks or is equipped than anything else. Remove any and all decor that is hung or placed at the top of your kitchen cabinets. Remove anything that is not at least a foot-and-a-half away from the top of the ceiling, including clocks, artwork, baskets and other items. People often get in the habit of storing things in that space above the cabinets and don’t even notice it after awhile. Unfortunately, prospective buyers notice everything and that type of storage or decor in that space is not attractive. Clean, clear and minimal should be your goal for every single room of your home.

Step Five – Holiday & Seasonal Items
Move all holiday or seasonal decorative items into your mobile storage for real estate staging to get it out of the way. Prospective buyers can’t see how big your garage, closets, storage areas, sheds and other spaces are if they are filled with boxes of Christmas lights and plastic bunnies. Make sure to take this time to organize all of those holiday decorations by season and put them in boxes before sticking them into your Connecticut portable storage. Don’t forget to label all the boxes so you will know where to put them when you unpack your Go Mini container storage at your new home.

Call Conlon Containers for Real Estate Storage
If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, try our staging tips and consider using our South Coast temporary storage solutions while you prepare to sell your home. Give us a call at 1-866-804-6464 and ask to get a FREE quote on our Go Mini container storage and professional services. We provide mobile storage for real estate, renovations, relocations and other projects all throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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