Getting It Under Control: Mobile Commercial Storage Solutions

Getting It Under Control: Mobile Commercial Storage Solutions

commercial-mobile-storageWhen you are running your own small or mid-size business, real estate space is often at a premium. The amount of room that you have to operate your business competes with the amount of space you have for retail stock, meeting with clients or keeping supplies. The cost to lease out commercial space can be prohibitive to the growth of your company. This is why many business owners are turning to storage containers in Rhode Island to safely and securely store the overflow.

You may have seen these Go Mini container storage units outside of medical practices, hospitals, shopping malls and office buildings. They are used to hold excess furniture, display racks, surplus stock and other important assets. Come companies use them solely to hold file cabinets with customer or client information inside that cannot be destroyed and must be held on record for a certain amount of time. Providence mobile storage through Conlon Containers can be a huge benefit to many different types of businesses.

Get Organized
If your office is a disorganized mess there is no way that you are working at your best. For some business owners, it is just a matter of filing away paperwork and clearing off a desk, but for others it is due to cramped working space. The only real solution is to use commercial storage solutions to keep all of the things that you don’t need right now, but are required to keep on site. Speak with the leasing company about whether you can keep a Go Mini container storage at the back of the property or in some other location. Make sure you know how long you can keep it there and if there are any other requirements.

Dedicate a day – or a weekend – to coming into your office to go through all of the clutter. Taking the time to get organized will help you in many ways. Not only will it make things easier for you to get your work done, but it will also set a better first impression for any clients or customers who come to your office for any reason. Instituting a more effective use of your space will help you to create a happier work environment for everyone involved – including yourself. Even if you are a pack rat by nature, most pack rats do appreciate a clean workspace from time to time.

Creating More Space
If clutter is not your issue, start looking around the office to find out what else can go. Do you really need three couches in the breakroom if you only have four employees? And really, if you only have four employees, do you need a whole breakroom? Consider moving out excess furniture in employee areas and replace them with file cabinets, copy machines and other equipment that would be appropriate in that space.

Consider storing your filing cabinets of customer and client files that you don’t use on a daily basis, but need to keep on site. Many businesses use our storage containers in Rhode Island for this purpose. Measure it out – removing just five to six regular sized file cabinets can give you enough room to add another workstation – and another employee. Find out from your legal adviser how long you need to retain records and if there is anything older than the required retention date, consider hiring a shredding company to come in and safely shred up those documents.

Store Seasonal Items
Consumer driven businesses often have seasonal displays, decorations and other items that are only used for a few weeks once each year. If you have holiday decorations, special displays for annual sales and other things that you won’t be using again for another nine months or more, consider placing them in storage. Commercial storage solutions allows you to gain access to your Providence mobile storage any time you need it so you can pull those items back out again when the next big store sale hits.

Contact Conlon Containers for Go Mini Container Storage
As an authorized Go Mini’s agent, Conlon Containers works exclusively with the Go Mini’s commercial storage solutions. Our 3-Step Process makes renting and using one of our storage containers so simple:

#1 โ€“ WE DELIVER the container to the location of your choice when and where you need it.
#2 โ€“ YOU LOAD the container at your own pace, according to your schedule and moving needs.
#3 โ€“ WE PICK UP the container when you are finished and drive it to your new location. We can also store the container at our local facility in Southeastern Massachusetts until you are ready for us to bring it to your designated location.

Give us a call at 508-336-4695 to get a FREE quote on any of our Go Mini container storage solutions or to learn more about our moving and storage solutions.

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